Catching a Cheater

17 Mar

You have a feeling that your significant other is cheating. You decide to be upfront and just ask him/her about it, but they just aren’t fessing up. Your gut is telling you that something is “off” and you want to put the issue to rest.

What can you do?

-Hire a private investigator
-Enter to be a participant in the show “Cheaters”
-Follow/stalk your significant other
-Break into his/her email or IM account
-Check his/her text messages when the phone is unattended
-Check his/her voicemail without permission

You can do any of the above or you can take the high road.

Here are some options that aren’t as manipulative as those indicated above:

-Look for signs that could indicate that your boyfriend/girlfriend is lying to you.
-Cite specific examples that have led you to the conclusion that he/she may be cheating.
-Try speaking with his friends and family to see if something else could be going on. (Don’t let on that you think he’s cheating on or lying to you; just listen, watch and be aware of any signs that your gut instinct is correct).

If you still do not trust your ex and you believe that you’d like to begin following him or violating his privacy, then you might consider reflecting upon your moral compass. Once you head down the road toward violating someone’s personal space, it’s hard to come back from the situation if you’re caught.

In general, if you’re still not comfortable with the situation and you’ve discussed it with your significant other, then it’s time for you to decide if leaving the situation might be in your best interest. Remember that trust is one of the pillars of any relationship.

If you can’t trust your lover, then you shouldn’t pursue the relationship.

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One Response to “Catching a Cheater”

  1. Curtis August 1, 2007 at 6:31 PM #

    Cheaters never win. I actually stalked my ex once to find out what was going on. He was seeing someone and I ended up storming into his house while she was there. it was not a very good idea as she beat me up pretty good.

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